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Cooktown Expo 2020 will celebrate the 250th anniversary of Captain Cook's arrival in 1770 and raise awareness of the unique events that took place here from 17 July – 4 August, 2020.

Cook’s arrival following the grounding of the Endeavour on the reef changed the course of history for the Bama as the rich botanic discoveries recorded on land convinced Cook to claim the land for King George – thus laying the foundations of modern Australian history.

Cooktown has a unique place in Australia’s story and our three unique claims for the basis for the 2020 commemorations. Cooktown was the only place in Australia to record:

  • 48 days of mutual respect
  • First recorded act of reconciliation
  • Unparalleled scientific discoveries

Cooktown will be the place to be in 2020 when we commemorate and celebrate the nationally and internationally significant events that took place here in 1770, between European explorers of the HMB Endeavour and the Guugu Yimithirr people of this land.

For further information, please visit the Cooktown Expo 2020 website.

Business members of the Cooktown Chamber of Commerce and Tourism will be supporting the hard working committee in the lead up to this event. Planning and preparation are vital to ensuring our businesses are on the front foot when it comes to helping to promote this event; either online through website promotion and links, email marketing to customers and social media posts.

The Cooktown Chamber of Commerce and Tourism catchphrase is "Together we can achieve so much more" and this cannot be more spot on than this upcoming significant event in Australia's history.